The Wonder of Roisin Murphy and her Home Performances

Roisin Murphy, former vocalist for Moloko and all round queen of the discotheque has been setting the bar for live-streamed performances and they're an absolute joy to watch.

Earlier this week, after finding myself in a Roisin Murphy kind of mood, I took to Youtube and in my searching came across these wonderful home performances.

Not only is Roisin’s voice in top form but so is her spirit.  From her fashion choices, background visuals and all round demeanour, she’s clearly having fun. It’s the kind of infectious energy I didn’t know I needed, until now.

I’ve always liked Roisin Murphy but these catered live streams take my appreciation for her up a number of notches. They provide a great portal of escapism. There’s some great re-workings of her back catalogue and some great renditions of new material.  In short, it’s definitely a must see for fans and newcomers alike. 


If you’re in the mood for even more great music, why not check out the recently released video for ‘Model Village.’ 

The latest single from the forthcoming IDLES album, Ultra Mono. Which is also out September 25th. 

As is the new Deftones LP…man, that’s gonna be a busy weekend!

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