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Story Time with Kayla Spears – Dimed Out: S2, E12

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Alright gang, this week we're chatting with Youtube story teller Kayla Spears.

In my conversation with Kayla we talk about how and why she started ‘Story Time with Kayla’. The value of having a mission statement. The validity of finding your calling, in your own time, in your own way. The importance of representation, reflection and identity in children’s literature. The impact her story telling Youtube channel has had during the pandemic and so much more.

It's story time, story, story, story time.

If you enjoyed this episode and let’s be honest, there’s absolutely no reason why you shouldn’t have, and you want to take a deep dive into the brilliant work that Kayla is doing then I deeply encourage you to check out her work via TWITTER and/or INSTAGRAM and of course, YOUTUBE.


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Check It Out

If you missed last week’s episode then it’s one you’ll definitely want to go back and check out. In SEASON 2, EPISODE 11, I had the pleasure of chatting with Brad Godson about Dungeons and Dragons and what a life changing hobby it’s become. 

For next week we’re going from Story Time with Kayla to Story Time with…me. In Season 2, Episode 13 I’ll be reading from my abandoned and recently re-discovered travel memoir. Purple prose and plenty of cringe are on the menu, with hopefully some insight and other stuff too,

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