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S3, E12: Escaping The Rabbit Hole of QAnon

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Alright gang, this week we're pulling ourselves out the rabbit hole of QAnon.

In the second part of our conversation with Alice, a former member of QAnon, we discuss the effects Q had on her marriage.

The elements that made her question the community. What eventually led to her escape from the rabbit hole, and how she’s using her story to help others effected by QAnon.

What is it that began to turn Alice away from QAnon? – 4:40
QAnon’s effect on Alice’s marriage – 13:13
January 6th and ‘The Big Lie” – 21:17
QAnon Casualities & helping others with similar experiences – 23:40
Resources for helping others – 29:33


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Last week we started our conversation with Alice, learning of how it is she found and fell into QAnon to begin with. If you haven't checked out the episode yet, it goes without saying you should give it a spin before jumping into this one.

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Next week we're taking a look at a specific set of work from controversial and boundary pushing performance artist, Marina Abramovic. 

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