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Dimed Out Podcast – S3, E15: School Shootings

podcast episode on school shootings

Alright gang, this week we're joined by Amye Archer, co-creator of the book 'If I Don't Make It, I Love You'.

‘If I Don’t Make It, I Love You’ is a collection of true stories told by survivors of school shootings.

In this episode Amye talks to me about how the anthology came together and what she’s learned from its creation. How she approached survivors to share their stories and the haunting details that linger.

We also get into the prolonged trauma of the Columbine generation. Counselling and after care. The American gun crisis as a whole. The Activism and advocacy its spawned, and the steps needed for reform.

Discussing school shootings is by no means an easy conversation, but it’s one so many people need to have and to expand upon.

03:15 – How the did book come about in the first place?
07:44 – The Columbine generation and suppressed trauma
10:34 – Approaching survivors to tell their stories
15:42 – Layout of the book
19:40 – Haunting little details
24:14 – The politics & attitudes behind gun culture & gun reform
41:18 – What have you learned or taken away from putting the book together


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