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S3, E11: Falling Down The Rabbit Hole of QAnon

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Alright gang, this week we're entering the rabbit hole of QAnon.

In the first of a two part conversation, Alice, a former follower of QAnon details her experience before and during her time in the cult of Q.

In a candid discussion Alice explains how it is she found QAnon in the first place, what pulled her deeper into the community and how her time with Q effected her life and the relationships around her.

This is by no means a breakdown or an expose of QAnon. It’s a real, eye opening account from the other side of the aisle.

One that delves into awakenings, dramatic political shifts, inverted views, white hats, algorithms, and compassionate bridges from one world to another.

How Did You Find QAnon? – 5:40
What Pulled You Deeper Into The Rabbit Hole? – 26:13
What Was Life Like Inside The Rabbit Hole? – 33:05

2:48 – Chasing the Unicorn – Comparative Behaviour Online
7:02 – Social Media is a Hammer
13:32 – The Double Edged Sword of Micro Content
19:16 – Is Social Media Speeding Up Childhood
24:34 – Productive & Healthy Social Media Tips


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last weeks episode

Last week we dived into the origins and history of The Chuch of the Subgenius. A counter culture movement/parody religion that started as a joke and a pamphlet but soon exploded into something else entirely.

next weeks episode

Next week we're concluding our conversation with Alice by talking about HOW she managed to find herself leaving the rabbit hole of Qanon and how she's become an advocate for recovery.

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