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Dimed Out Podcast: S1, E16 – Inge Ginsberg

Dimed Out Podcast - Inge Ginsberg

Alright lads, this week we're looking at the incredible life and times of AN extraordinary woman.

Surviving the holocaust. Writing songs for Hollywood. Fronting a metal band in her 90s. The life of Inge Ginsberg is truly a unique and compelling story. 

Inge is now 98 and in her lifetime she has experienced numerous amazing chapters. Living under the tyranny of Hitler. Working for American intelligence. Emigrating for a life in showbiz. Chasing dreams of Eurovision and converting her poetry into heavy metal. 

Inge Ginsberg truly is a wonderful anomaly and this episode is dedicated to her accomplishments, her experiences and her bad ass energy. 


00:00 – Intro
02:03 – International Dogs Day
03:33 – Pet Rats & Hoarders
04:46 – Distractions, Recalibrating and Making Positive Changes
11:12 – Cat Keyboard
12:26 – Inge Ginsberg
40:00 – Outro

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Death Metal Grandma - The NYT Inge Ginsberg Documentary

Alongside International Dog Day, at the top of this week's episode I talked about THAT Hoarders episode with all the rats. If you're interested you can watch it in full here.

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