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Paul Thomas Anderson Week – There Will Be Blood and The Master

In the penultimate blog entry celebrating the work (thus far) of Paul Thomas Anderson, we take a look at his fifth and sixth feature films, There Will Be Blood and The Master.


The first of two fantastic collaborations between Daniel Day Lewis and Paul Thomas Anderson, There Will Be Blood is a cut throat fable set to the smell of burning black gold.

A stellar example of filmmaking that meshes greed, power and the pursuit of success with fearless performances, an unsettling score and some of the most striking cinematography in Anderson’s back catalogue.

There Will Be Blood is often considered to be Paul Thomas Anderson’s magnum opus, but where does it rank on your list?


There is a lot to love about The Master, from the colour palette to the use of focus, but the magnetic core of the film is the complicated relationship/power struggle between Lancaster Dodd and Freddie Quell.

Joaquin Phoenix and the late, great, Phillip Seymour Hoffman play the ultimate wayward son and surrogate father within Paul Thomas Andersons filmography, and both deliver powerhouse performances.

Understandably there are divided opinions on The Master, but what’s your take on the film? Does it crack your top 5? If so where exactly does it find itself?

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