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Paul Thomas Anderson Week – Inherent Vice and Phantom Thread

In the final part of our week long celebration of Paul Thomas Anderson, we look at his last two feature films, Inherent Vice and Phantom Thread.

Inherent Vice (2014)

A hazy tone poem. An ode to the end of an era in Hollywood. Inherent Vice could rival Punch Drunk Love for being the most divisive entry in Paul Thomas Anderson’s catalogue.

It’s a throwback noir with a sprawling narrative and a number of unusual angles. Some love it, some do not…at all, but what do you think?

Is Inherent Vice a misunderstood, overlooked masterpiece. Is it a complete misstep? Or is it somewhere in between?

Phantom Thread (2017)

Paul Thomas Anderson’s latest feature film see’s the director reunited with Daniel Day Lewis and for added acting heft, Vicky Krieps leaves an indelible mark.

A ghostly romantic drama, set against the chilly background of 1950’s London, Phantom Thread orbits around a relationship that makes the one featured in The Master seem straight forward.

But how does the cut of its cloth measure up against the seven films that proceeded it? Is Andersons latest, his greatest? If not why and where would YOU rank it?

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