Oh Hai World!

Oh Hai World! is a discombobulated podcast about pop culture and stuff.

Two Brits from Northern England filter through random conversations that encompass tv, film, books, music, weird discoveries from the internet and so much more.

You can find the latest episodes below, or you can check out the entire archive here.

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You can also check out other features from the show, like, Cartoon Fight Club, Oh Hai Art! and Zoltar’s Video Palace.


Oh Hai World! – Episode 11: I Like Horses
Oh Hai World! In this episode we’re lambasting kids that can’t be bothered to participate on gameshows. We’re marvelling at …
Oh Hai World! – Episode 10: Standing Up. Speaking Out.
It's been a minute, to say the least, but after a prolonged delay we're back. Right now the world is …
Oh Hai World! – Episode 9: She’s Got Owen Wilson’s Nose.
Fun times in Chicago, the epic fantasy romance that is Xanadu and a royal portrait made up of various fabrics.
Oh Hai World! – Episode 8: She’s Got Steve Buscemi’s Eyes.
This week we're discussing hard-hitting films, famous features transplanted onto other peoples faces, a fluffy alien fighting an aardvark in …
Oh Hai World! – Episode 7: Life, Just Live It.
After a brief hiatus we're back (again). This time we're bringing Mr Pop, Freida the Horse a cabinet full of …
Oh Hai World! – Episode 6: #youngatheart
After stumbling off the grid we're back and fully operational. Upon returning we find ourselves harassed by skate punks, pitting …


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