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The origin point of Dimed Out. Patient zero, if you will. Ramble On is WAS a podcast of nonsensical proportions. It began in 2015 as one mans journey across the USA.

It soon grew to become much more. Over the years and sporadic recording that followed, Ramble On became an outlet for me. A personal journal. A platform to talk about important things. It also evolved into an opportunity to explore unknown areas such as ghost tours, sensory deprivation tanks, past life regression, stand up comedy and my biggest challenge to date…emigrating to a new country.

It really is a projection of who I’ve become and a document of how I got here.

It’s something I’m deeply proud of and because of this I invite you all to check out the archives right HERE.


is a discombobulated podcast about pop culture and stuff.

Two Brits from Northern England (Gina Smith and Mal Foster) filter through random conversations that encompass tv, film, books, music, weird discoveries from the internet and so much more.

Oh Hai World! covers the entire pop culture gamut. From obscure art, literature, music, 80s and 90s nostalgia and beyond. Trust me it’s definitely worth your time and attention.

You can find each episode so far RIGHT HERE

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