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Now Playing: I’ll Just Dance by Su Lee

So, whilst casually browsing a Facebook group for fans of Dream Pop and Shoegaze I saw that somebody had posted this. It doesn’t fit either of the genres above but I guess they just really liked the song and after giving into curiosity…I can totally see why.

‘I’ll Just Dance’ by bedroom pop maestro Su Lee, pretty much, musically, tonally and lyrically captures a big chunk of my pandemic headspace. On one hand it’s a melancholic exploration of self. A sonically stripped down magnifying glass that highlights doubt, uncertainty and the fact I’m constantly asking “what the fuck am I doing with this time that I have?”

But there’s an underlying sense of hope. An improvised trajectory, a need to keep moving forward as best you can. Finding joy in little things…like awkwardly dancing by yourself to music you enjoy.

I have found a real affinity for this song. It’s almost three minutes of relatable lo-fi gold with a cracking aesthetic for the video (something which is constant in the rest of Su’s work). If you’re feeling pretty crap right now, and you need to escape. Grab a pair of headphones and step outside yourself for a few moments with this.


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