Nobody asked for it, but it's here anyway - physical & digital merchandise for dimed out is now available!

Right now the DIMED OUT Tee-Spring Store is OPEN FOR BUSINESS

In regards the physical goods that we’ve got, you can pop some tags on our new range of Eco friendly unisex T-Shirts.

Whilst wearing your third favourite above average but infinitely comfortable shirt, why not pop the kettle on and make yourself a brew in one of our ceramic mugs.

Looking to decorate your laptop or socially conscious printer with another sticker? Then we got you covered with a handsome die cut design.

Of course we’re not just offering physical goods, we’re also going digital.

As featured in Season 2, Dimed Out has an album of original lo-fi and downtempo music featured in and  inspired by the podcast. You can now own a high quality WAV copy of the compilation.

If you’re thinking of starting a podcast of your very own, but don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, I recently put together a comprehensive guide for beginners covering hosting, equipment and recording/editing software.

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