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In The Mood for Love – Keep or Delete (Film Review)

In The Mood for Love Film Review

In the second instalment of the 'Keep or Delete' 20th Anniversary series, we're reviewing 'In The Mood for Love'.

In the Mood for Love has been critically acclaimed since its release in 2000, but it’s a film that had evaded my eyes for the longest time. That of course has changed, but is it as good as many have it out to be? More importantly, is it good enough to preserve for the rest of time?

Whilst reviewing the much lauded feature I’ll be looking at the film’s aesthetic and narrative along with Wong Kar-Wai’s direction. I’m also assessing the performances from Maggie Cheung and Tony Chiu-Wai Leung.

Taking these factors into consideration I’ll be breaking down what works and what doesn’t, before deciding whether I would KEEP ‘In The Mood for Love’ or if I would DELETE it. Hypothetically speaking of course. All films that make the cut end up being preserved forever in the Dimed Out film library. Those that don’t survive, are never seen again.

But what about you?

Is In The Mood for Love a film you would keep, or if given the chance, would you erase its existence from celluloid history?

If so, why?

If you’re a keeper, then what other films from Wong Kar-Wai are you a fan of?

So with ‘Dancer In The Dark’ and ‘In the Mood for Love’ reviewed, we still have 18 more films to go through in order to reach the ambitious goal of 20 for 2020. The question is, what films from the year 2000 would you suggest or recommend. Is there a movie from that year that you love? That you hate? That you find yourself torn between? 

If so, I want to know what movies you recommend or suggest for the rest of the series. 


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