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Everywhere at the End of Time – Dimed Out: S2, E10

Everywhere at the End of Time

Alright gang, this week I'm documenting my experience with The Caretaker's seminal music project 'Everywhere at the End of Time'.

An experimental, dark ambient album that spans six and half hours, Everywhere at the End of Time explores and depicts Alzheimer’s disease through six stages. Going through each stage I explore the emotional and mental effects of the project.

Giving the unique nature of Everywhere at the End of Time, this is by no means a normal episode. A mix of ‘in the moment’ documentation and post event commentary makes for something we’ve not done before on Dimed Out. If you enjoy this approach and would like to see further ‘experiments’ in the future, let me know in the comments below.

It probably goes without saying, but this episode touches upon some pretty dense and emotional subjects, so if it’s not for you, no worries. I’ll catch you next week. 


Stage 1 – 7:35
Stage 2 – 21:00
Stage 3 – 28:28
Stage 4 – 38:22
Stage 5- 48:38

Since gaining a boom in popularity and recognition, Everywhere at the End of Time has carved out a pretty huge rabbit hole on the internet.

If you’re wanting to dig deeper you can find more about the project and ‘The Caretaker’ (real name Leyland Kirby) here.
You can join the ongoing Reddit conversation.
You can explore the Iceberg via the Youtube video below AND/OR if you’re feeling curious you can listen to the album in full.


If you’re in need of a musical palette cleanser after this episode, then I have just the thing for you.

Last weeks episode (Season 2, Episode 10) takes a look at Infinitely Curious – the first compilation of music from Dimed Out. The episode features a few tracks from the album, some insight behind them, a number of tracks that didn’t make the cut and a glimpse at the musical future.

If you’re a fan of lo-fi beats, lo-fi hip hop, lo-fi music as a whole or if you’re partial to ambient and downbeat music, then you can find INFINITELY CURIOUS in full over on BANDCAMP.


If you've liked what you've heard here, you want more and you'd like to help further develop the show then check out the Dimed Out Patreon account for a bonus podcast and plenty of extra juicy content! 


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