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Alright lads, this week I'm joined by my very first guest & fellow cinephile, Dan Sarath.

This week’s episode is full blown exploration of documentaries and narrative film. We’re looking at the importance of Pans Labyrinth. The beauty of Spirited Away. The work of Frederick Wiseman and Mark Cousins. Overrated Netflix documentaries, and what it’s like to stage your very own film screening.

We also chop up Dan’s trip to Japan and discuss the duality of the countries identity. Immersing yourself in a world of cultural change. What it’s like to be an outsider on the other side of the world. Visiting Ryokans, Temples and the HOTEL BAR FROM LOST IN TRANSLATION!

If you’ve enjoyed this episode and you want to sample some of Dan’s work, then I highly recommend you check out his fantastic Film Blog

Alongside a number of ‘Best of’ lists Dan has also curated some in depth pieces looking at the work of numerous iconic and important film makers. His directors seasons have covered everyone from Ang Lee to Orson Welles and is a must see for any fellow film lover.

I also asked Dan to return for Season 1, Episode 6 – a podcast episode dedicated to all things Paul Thomas Anderson.
You can find said episode right here.


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Whilst we are on the topic of film and documentaries, I want to know what you’ve you seen lately? Anything you’d recommend? What’s impressed you the most this year (so far)?

Furthermore, have you been back to a movie theatre during Covid? If so, what did you see and how was the experience for you? If not, are you likely to go back anytime soon?

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