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Dimed Out – Season 2, Episode 11: Dungeons and Dragons

Season 2 - Episode 11 - dungeons and Dragons

Alright gang, this week I'm joined by special guest Brad Godson.

Outside of giving me a solid introduction to the world of Dungeons & Dragons, Brad was kind enough to share his experiences with the game and how as a blind player, it’s become such a positive hobby for him to pick up.

In the episode we discuss how creating a detailed D&D character can be a great way to extend & explore your personality. How it can be an opportunity for others to relate to who you are, or to put yourself in somebodies boots. Figuratively and literally as I came to learn.

We also touch upon how life has been for Brad since losing his sight, how D&D has given him a social channel that makes a huge difference & how this beloved RPG can be a developmental tool for children.

Accurately described as charming with a self deprecating sense of humour, Brad was  a genuine pleasure to chat too. A real grounded, earnest, funny guy but if you’re listening to episode as you read this, chances are you’ve already figured that out.


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if you've enjoyed this episode and find yourself wanting to extend your introduction to dungeons and dragons, then i highly recommend this video from vox


Season 2, Episode 10 is definitely one I’d recommend if you’re interested in the idea of documented experiences.

For a number of reasons, I decided to dive into ‘Everywhere at the End of Time’ the ambitious, dark ambient project from Leyland Kirby aka The Caretaker.  Presenting my findings I explore the emotional & mental effects of this audio exploration of dementia. 

next weeks episode...

Next weeks episode is another guest week and for Season 2, Episode 12 I’m joined by the wonderful Kayla Spears – producer and presenter of

We’ll be talking about the works she’s doing, the importance of identification in children’s literature  and the importance of finding your own way, in, your own way.

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