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Survive by Sapphire Geer – Dimed Out: S2, E4

Dimed Out Podcast - Season 2, Episode 4 - Survive by Sapphire Geer

Sapphire wants nothing more than to survive. Everything in her body aches, she's barely eaten anything in days, she doesn't even know the time or date.

But more than that, she wants her brother to wake up. He’s too still and it’s too cold out. Sapphire screams. Even if he can’t hear, she punches his chest and releases her fury towards God and this frozen wasteland on her brother’s frozen form.

Sure, she wants to survive, but not by herself. Not like this.

This week I'm joined by Sapphire Geer, author of the book 'Survive"

A challenging and touching memoir that recounts a truly remarkable, life changing experience. At the age of 11, Sapphire was left to survive starvation and the frigid elements of winter, amongst the Yukon wildnerness.

In addition to the constant hunger, and cold, her mission was to make sure her family survived. Through this story she describes the life-changing experiences she went through and where she ended up.

Having published the book, Sapphire discusses surviving such a physical, mental and emotional experience. How she found herself in a place to confront the past and put her story into words and how she hopes her story will inspire others to speak out about their traumatic pasts and find healing as well.


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Sapphire currently lives in Spokane, Washington with her husband and three children. She is a tradeswoman and helps others fix and grow their finances through education and empowerment.

She continues to creatively write and talk about the stories of her past in hopes of continuing to encourage her readers to find their voice. In addition, she dedicates her story to her readers and promises that, even in their darkest days, they are capable of coming out on the other side with strength and courage.

Survive is now Available to Buy via Amazon
Survive by Sapphire Geer – Good Reads

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