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Dimed Out Podcast – S3, E9: Talking To Myself

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Alright gang, this week our special guest is…me.

Alright gang, this week our special guest is…me.

Playing the role of both of interviewer and interviewee, I have a much needed conversation with myself about a number of things.

In an effort to be more transparent and to allow myself to be more vulnerable, this episode digs into my headspace and mental health. The depression and anxiety I’ve felt throughout the last two and half years, but in particular the last six months.

The severe disconnect I’ve felt. Being alienated in my surroundings. Struggling with a new country and culture. The things I’ve done to try and outrun these feelings and why I need to face them.

This is admittedly a bit of an indulgent concept, but by talking about these things out loud, it’s helped me breathe life into realisation.

As always thank you for listening and if any of you can relate to the mental health matters at hand here, I hope this gives you some sense of comfort.


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Last week we concluded our two part conversation with artist and psychic Kathy Crabbe by having my chakras read and a couple of oracle cards pulled from her homemade decks.

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