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Dimed Out Podcast – S3, E8: Oracle Cards

podcast episode on oracle cards

Alright gang, this week we're pulling oracle cards.

In the concluding part of my conversation with artist, psychic, astrologer & soul reader Kathy Crabbe, I have my chakra’s checked and Kathy pulls a couple of oracle cards from her hand made decks.

This mini session of sorts not only moved me to look inwards a little more, but it also provided some helpful creative prompts too, such as free/automatic writing.

As an added bonus, me and Kathy also touch upon a couple of interesting areas towards the end of our chat. Mainly her thoughts on determinism and dealing with any negative information she receives amidst her soul readings.

5:06 – Start of Card Pulling Session (White Sage & Rose Sphere)
7:10 – Looking Through My Chakras
19:58 – First Card Pull
23:42 – Second Card Pull
28:09 – Free Writing Exercise
34:09 – Creative Journal Prompt – Body Movement
35:53 – Looking at My North Node
42:08 – Dealing with Negative Information You Receive As A Psychic
50:12 – Determinism


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Last weeks episode was the first part of my conversation with Kathy Crabbe where I learn about soul reading and how Kathy got into the world of metaphysics. 

Next week we’re departing the world of metaphysics and looking at the  Church of the Subgenius. A weird and wonderful parody religion that became a major counterculture movement.

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