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Podcast – S3, E4: Chasing The Unicorn (Social Media)

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Alright gang, this week we're going back to the topic of Social Media.

As the majestic unicorn continues to run, we’re standing still and taking a minute to look inwards.

In the concluding part of my conversation with Dr Lauren Serpico, we’re looking at how the internet is a hammer and how micro content is a double edged sword.

We also reminisce over Britney Spears dance routines. Speculate on how social media is speeding up adolescence and dive into a number of tips to boost productive, healthy, social media use.

2:48 – Chasing the Unicorn – Comparative Behaviour Online
7:02 – Social Media is a Hammer
13:32 – The Double Edged Sword of Micro Content
19:16 – Is Social Media Speeding Up Childhood
24:34 – Productive & Healthy Social Media Tips


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If by any chance you missed the first part of our our two part conversation with Dr Lauren, you definetely wanna remedy that.  Last week we got into a number of interesting topics including remote working, productivity and perfectionism.

next weeks episode

Next week we're looking at my two weeks with Karen - a mobile game/virtual life coach kinda thing. It's not quite AI but it is designed for you to dig deeper into self improvement.

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