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Dimed Out Podcast – S3, E17: Furries

Dimed Out Podcast - Season 3, Episode 17

Alright gang, this week we're taking a look at the fascinating world of furries.

With the help of some willing furries, I learn about fursonas and how they can be either be a mirror for somebodies personality or a sense of escapism.

What role a pursuit plays in all of this and whether being a furry is an identity, a lifestyle, a hobby or all of the above.

We also touch upon the possibilities of sinking too deep into an invented character and whether or not furry culture itself warrants the sexual reputation it has.

00:00 – Intro
05:10 – How did you realise you were a furry?
06:38 – What is a furry?
08:56 – Fursonas & fursuits
19:05 – The sexual reputation of furries
24:47 – How do you categorise being a furry?
26:50 – Therian & Otherkin
36:30 – What’s your experience as a furry been like so far?
39:32 – Are you publicly open about being a furry?
43:00 – Where the attraction to anthropomorphic animals comes from?
48:18 – Surprise participant!


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