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Dimed Out S3, E13: Rhythms of Marina Abramovic

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Alright gang, this week we're taking a look at the early work of Marina Abramovic.

Since discovering her through the documentary and MOMA performance ‘The Artist is Present’ I’ve developed a deep fascination with Marina Abramovic, both the person and the performance artist.

In this episode I’m specifically looking at her first foray into performance art, the Rhythm series. A collection of exhibits from the 1970s which saw Abramovic use her own body to push boundaries.

Testing her levels of endurance and her relationship with the audience, the Rhythm series invoked radical new ideas and dramatically transformed Abramovic in the process.

00:00 – Introduction to Marina Abramovic
10:00 – Rhythm 10
18:45 – Rhythm 5
24:10 – Rhythm 2
30:12 – Rhythm 4
36:02 – Rhythm 0


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