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Dimed Out Podcast – S1, E2: Neuralink Monkey Pong

podcast episode on neuralink monkey

Alright gang, this week we're plugging in to neuralink, their mind altering present and potential future.

Joined by Chris Cooke of the ‘Beyond Binary Thinking’ podcast, we dig into the idea of a symbiotic relationship between humanity and technology.

From pager the telepathic neuralink monkey and Elon Musk to self driving cars, living in a simulation, and boomers living forever in the cloud. This episode further explores the exciting yet somewhat terrifying world of transhumanism.

What’s your take on Brain Computer Interface technology? Exciting, terrifying or somewhere in-between.


2:33 – Pager the Neuralink Monkey
13:40 – Chris Cooke

Providing data for Self Driving Cars
The symbiotic merging of mankind & technology
Simian E-Sport Champions
Living in a simulation
Transhumanistic Arms Race


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As mentioned in this weeks episode, if you haven’t seen the video featuring Pager the Neuralink monkey you can view it in full,  directly below. If you want to fall further down the Neuralink rabbit hole, you can find their website here.  

Whilst you’re navigating the interwebs you should also check out the brilliant ‘Beyond Binary Thinking’ podcast. You can find links to the show , all the social media channels and other stuff via their website.

If you missed the Season 3 premiere, then you should definetely go check it out. I had the pleasure of chatting with Jeremy Carberry – creator and host of the TEETH podcast. We talked about Jeremy’s personal experience with animal attacks and some of the incredible stories he’s gathered for his show.

Next week is the first of a two parter with Dr Lauren Serpico. Chatting with Dr Lauren we dig into social media from a psychological stand point, in particular the idea of comparative online behaviour. 

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