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dimed out podcast season 1, episode 9 - racial division

Alright lads,

For this weeks podcast episode I’m joined by the sincerely wonderful La Boo. We’re talking about a variety of topics but in particular racial division, selective history and education and the black lives matter movement.

These are our core topics, how could they now be considering how prominent and important these topics are. Leading on from here La Boo talks to me about The Willie Lynch letter: The Making of a Slave. Although it is a difficult read, to get a firmer grasp on the history that’s steeped in present racial division, it’s something you really should read. You can find a link to a copy of it down below.

Outside of this we also talk about the time La Boo spent living in Europe. The concept of archived memories. The correlation between physical and mental health. Giant pencils from Austria. The unrelenting fear of fully grown adults in mascot costumes. The power of language and personal mantras.

Speaking of language, during this episode, La Boo uses a phrase that I absolutely love and will be taking forward with me from this point.

“On the other side of fear, is growth.”

Think about that for a moment. If you throw yourself into the things that terrify you, then through perseverance and determination you will come out the other side stronger, smarter, more dimensional than ever before.

As mentioned in the episode, and above, for those wanting to read through the Willie Lynch Letter you can find a version of it HERE. 

Again it’s a tough read but a pretty important one to say the least.


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